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Real Estate Law

Make the Real Estate Process Quick and Easy

Buying or selling real estate is a complex process filled with paperwork, deadlines, filings, confusing laws, taxes, and other stressful factors. When you are making these decisions, it is better to have an attorney who is working just for you by your side. At Fischer Rust Law Firm, we will work diligently for you to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you are completely up-to-date and fully educated on the real estate process.

House in the background with a for sale sign in the foreground

Trust Us for Any Real Estate Need

  • Purchase and sales

  • Leases

  • Title examination

  • Contracts for deeds

  • Closings

  • Real estate disputes

  • Landlord / tenant

lawyer and client shaking hands above a small model house

We Handle All Real Estate Matters

Whether you own a rental property or are a tenant currently in a property or lease dispute, our attorneys can help. We counsel and represent individuals on both side of the landlord / tenant divide, and will work with you to peacefully resolve the issue. Call us at 218-281-2400 to discuss your case!

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